Our Teachers

Devanshi Desai, Head of School

Devanshi Desai has a BS in Molecular Biology and M.Ed. in Early Childhood with concentration in Montessori. The thirst for an opportunity of intense lab experience brought Devanshi to United States from India for her undergraduate studies. The journey for better education started for her when she was really young. School and books were always a priority expense by her family. She strongly believes that the principles taught by her parents have carved her path to where she is today – it is not just utilization but also decent access to knowledge that is key to progress of humanity.

Along with working in three Montessori schools in the Boston area, she has explored Montessori schools in her travels to India, Turkey, and Germany. She has volunteered for schools in Entebbe, Kampala, and Gulu in Uganda. She has also led the primary classroom at the Horizons program at Lexington Montessori school. These experiences have shaped her desire to open a school that will bring Montessori to all socio-economic groups, and help other parents make a choice of better education, slightly easier than it was for her own parents.

Devanshi is inspired and lives by the following tenets:

  1. Get proximate to children,
  2. Commit to protecting hope, and
  3. Have the willingness to do things that are uncomfortable or inconvenient.